Wednesday, 23 March 2011


 I've been busy working on some new designs. I wanted to create some wall art so I've been experimenting with leaves in frames. The ones on the left are cast from a real leaf I took a mould of and the ones on the right are stylised leaves. They are both porcelain but the cast ones are very thin, just a millimetre or so and the others rolled out porcelain clay so they are about 5 millimetres thick.

These are the new coasters I've been working on. Only have one set of green finished but there are a few drying out ready to be fired next week so I'll be selling other colours soon.

These are slip cast porcelain tea light holders that I am also busy making. The kiln is packed full of them as I type and they will be ready to be listed in my shops in the next week. I'm starting to love working with porcelain but still sticking with earthenware too for now. 

This is my next job, there are about 60 coasters here that I've got to tidy up before firing. It's a repetitive job but strangely satisfying once it's complete.


Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics said...

I agree with you on the last bit! My coasters end up in big piles like that when they have just been put aside to leave the boring bit for another time! It is satisfying when they are all tidied up :)

monda-loves said...

I'm really liking your wall art. I could imagine them in the pale shades of pink and blue you use too.
I haven't forgotten about making a badge for your mum by the way - just been a bit consumed in other design-y type stuff but I will get round to it soon I promise!

Linsey LLoyd said...

love the wall art

that green is my fav colour