Monday, 15 March 2010

Product shots - what do you think?

I've been testing out some group shots so that I've got one image that represents my work. What do you think? I'm not a trained photographer and sometime take hundreds of shots before getting the right one. I've tried out lots of different angles, as well as different items in the shot and finally think I've got something I'm happy with.

I prefer this image out of the two shown here. It's amazing how perspective can alter a shot so much.

This one feels a little more traditional. Which one do you prefer, and have you any advice to offer?

I'm so glad I live in a digital age!


BeadyPool said...

I agree with you Lauren, I prefer the top one - much more contemporary and eye catching.

Mrs Mac said...

I prefer the top one too ... as BeadyPool said, it's much more eye catching!

Glad I'm not the only one who takes hundreds of photos before I get one I like ;o)


Sew Very English......... said...

Hi, I agree the 'top' one for sure, the angle is better and you really do get to see your work for what it is - beautiful and interesting. The bottom picture has a differant angle and less zoom, it's not dull but it just isn't grabbing like the top one.
Hope this helps
Tracy x

averilpam said...

I agree too, it's taken from lower down, the other one slightly looks down on the pots and they look a bit out of kilter.
Lovely pots by the way!

Sandy said...

I love the top photo. It gives you more of an idea of the unique look that you create with your work.

GreenRiverStudio said...

First shot gets my vote!

Stacey-Ann said...

Definitely the first one. The perspective makes it more powerful. You're pretty good for an amateur photographer!

Fiona _JMD said...

Love your blog. I have given you a Sunshine Award xx

machi said...

I have to agree with everyone, the top one is great!